Waiting for Communion Holy Saturday

What did Jesus’ disciples do, or more, how did they feel on that dark Saturday after Jesus’ was crucified?

In response to my long remembered emptiness, grief, disbelief, and irrational hope the day after my dad’s death, I imagined being one of the disciples and this response.

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Neil Berg’s rock opera The 12 imagines that day not as quiet but filled with fear, fighting, doubt, and love. Berg has Peter, Mary Magdalene, John, and the others express their grief through powerful rock and roll music.

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One thought on “Waiting for Communion Holy Saturday

  1. that is beautiful, Eugene,…

    I lost my father to suicide at about age 7, but saw nothing of this,… just that he was “gone”,… that recognizable “emptiness” transformed itself into different emotional mindsets, as life went on, but it remained with me, one way or another,…

    my grandmother, teaching me the Lord’s Prayer very soon after, engraved the words “Our Father, who art in heaven” into my consciousness,… but still a “mystery”,… a mystery that called me to always be looking and searching for awareness/connection to “something” in the beyond,…

    about 21 years later, my aching child’s heart was, at last, visited and relieved by a very real “visitation” of golden angels along with a young and healthy looking father who held his arms out to me, and we embraced silently, but long,… from that point on my sense of loss and grieving was over,… I knew “joy unspeakable, and full of glory!”,…

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